Often people ask what kitten needs when moving to new home, here is a list that might be useful

Dry Food :


A premium, sustainable cat food made only using natural ingredients of the highest quality.
70% finest meat & fish, 30% fruit, vegetables and herbs, minerals, vitamins and completely grain-free.

Availible on Zooplus.ie 

Wet Food:

Feringa for kittens

A tasty wet food made from 72% meat, this natural, grain-free complete food for kittens is enriched with vegetables and fine herbs, and packed with essential proteins, vitamins and taurine.

Availible on zooplus.ie

Pet Carrier :

Cat Litter:

<--- this one


Aldi's lightweight RED 

Covered litter Box

A cat tree:

 For a cat to play, exercise, relax and sleep on. Cat trees are meant to offer cats a sense of security, by creating interactive areas that are only used by them.

Nail Clippers / Trimmers

and LOVE...